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Exclusive Masterclasses

During our event you will have the opportunity to take part in private and sociable

masterclasses with experts. We have one room and 5 slots for our masterclasses with space up to 35 people at any one time. More information on who is holding a masterclass, what time and what room can be can be found below. Your link to our ticket page and masterclass tickets is found here!

Room 1: Chambre Séparée

The Chambre Séparée is conveniently located in the main exhibition hall with our exhibitors. Here, you can sit, learn and taste with the atmosphere of the festival in the background. The room seats up to 35 people.


Masterclass with Brandstar Alliance: The wild, mystical & enchanting Sweden
17:30 - 18:20 (50 mins)

An exciting master class where you will meet Steven Kautzky Andersson and Catherine Engelbrekt, the founders of the niche beverage company BrandStar Alliance. They are, among other things, behind the internationally acclaimed and award-winning GIN trilogy Outstanding, Star Clear, and Supermoon, as well as the exclusive aged Wildcat By Sweden. On this occasion, they will present five different beverages and launch their new characterful "BlackStar by Sweden", an aged and limited edition, which will be released in 10-liter barrels, in 20 copies.

*To attend this masterclass you will need a valid second session or all-day ticket. Ticket holders for this masterclass will gain access to the festival 15 minutes before we open the doors for the second session.

Have an idea for an event or tasting?...

We are flexible and open to ideas for future collaborations, events and private or corporate tastings!

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