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Exclusive Masterclasses

During our event you will have the oportunity to take part in private and socailable

masterclasses with experts. We have one room and 6 slotts for our masterclasses with space up to 35 people at any one time. More information on who is holding a masterclass, what time and what room can be can be found below. Your link to our ticket page and masterclass tickets is found here!

Room 1: Chambre Séparée

The Chambre Séparée is conviently located in the main exhibiton hall with our exhibitors. Here, you can sit, learn and taste with the atmosphere of the festvial in the background. The room seats up to 35 people.


15.45-16.30 & 17.00-17.45 
The history of Navy Gin with Lars Renbjer from Renbjer Fine Spirits.

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 16.28.12.png

The history of Navy Gin is both long and exciting. During this tasting, we get to go along on a journey where the concept of Navy gin is explained, but we also get to try some classic drinks where exactly Navy gin is the important component.

*This tasting will be in Swedish.

Purity Gin with master blender Mathias Tonnesson

Purity Gin tasting with master distiler Mattias Thönnesson

A journey through the gin styles of essinge slottet, skåne, and Purity's award winning gins. Learn why the gin is the worlds best organic gin and why it goes through many destillations.

*this tasting is in Swedish.You will need an all-day ticket or first session ticket for this tasting. Early entry to the festival with this ticket.

14.30-15.15 & 18.15-19.00 
Thornæs Mad Owl Gin

Torben, founder of the destillery travels from Sjaelland/Danmark, to take you on a guided tasting of 3 gins and even a liqueur! Mad Owl London Dry Gin, Mad Owl Citrus Gin, Mad Owl Herbal Gin, Mad Owl Rhubarb Gin liqueur.

*This tasting is in English. You will need an all-day ticket or first session ticket for the 13.30 tasting. You will need an all-day ticket or 2nd session ticket for the 18.15 tasting.

Nordmarkens Destilleri - tasting Morgan, master destiller.

We learn about their award-winning and artisanal gins and how to best drink them. Five different Gin characters are tried, including two that were served at the Nobel ceremony's NobelNightCap 2022.

Have an idea for an event or tasting?...

We are flexible and open to ideas for future collaborations, events and private or corporate tastings!

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