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Stockholm Gin Fest 2023
The Sponsors & Exhibitors!

Meet Our Sponsors...


Hammars Bryggeri

We are proud to once again, partner with Hammars Bryggeri and their fantastic tonics!

Now Meet Our Exhibitors...

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Liath Drinks AB

Here you will find a host of Irish Gins from Copeland, Blackwater, Maharani, Ornabrak and Giants.


Rewine AB

Harahorn, gin that is, will be exhibited here. Some claim to have seen the mythical creature. Come and see the gin at least.


Revsunds Brewery & Destillery

From Jämtland, Sweden, tradtional and less traditonal gin is on offer.

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Sahlins Brygghus

From Swedens heartland, Dahlana, comes a variety of gins and tonics.

Spring wines_edited.jpg

Spring Wine and Spirits AB

Citadelle, French gin on display at this stand. Oui oui cest bon.


Handpicked Wines AB

 Venezuela makes not only exellent rum but also gin from Canaìma, made with botanicals from the Amazon rainforest.


Berntson Brands AB

The Nordics meets the British isles here with Bareksten, Purity and Isle of Harris.


Spirits of Trosa AB

From Devon in south-west England to Trosa, south-west of Stockholm, comes artisan small batch gin.


Oslo Håndverksdestilleri

Espen and his ever popular gin and cocktails join us once again for fun and games.

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Skrea Backe Destilleri

Gin from the west coast of Sweden using ecological ingredients that represent the natural surroundings, the forrest and the sea.


Stockholms Bränneri AB

Stockholms first craft gin. Your chance to meet them and try the good stuff.


Bonalumi Bottlers

Swedish brothers embarking on a gin distillation journey in the south of Sweden and France.

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Swallows and Spirits Distillery

Released in december 2022 and fresh of the shelves, gin from Åkersberga, just north of Stockholm.


Nordmarkens Destilleri

Close to the Norwegian border lies Nordmarkens Destilleri which is run by a creative group with great camaraderie, and previous experience working with whiskey and other drinks. 

Logos Exhibitors-9.png

Dica Vin & Spirit

Coming all the way from the Philippines, gin with tropical fruit base and 28 botanicals, 22 of which are foraged across the country.

Logos Exhibitors-7.png

Wet City Spirits

Some say West-Coast Best-Coast. Come and find out for yourselves as the guys offer you several different gins and mixed drinks to excite your tastebuds.

Logos Exhibitors-13.png

Gin-Gin Destillery

More Swedish craft gin making it's way down to Stockholm. From Piteå, a gin that is mood orientated.



HARREL Sprits hail from Norköpping and bring to the table thier own Swedish gin expression.

Untitled design-7.png

AB Nigab

The Bottanist gin from Islay, Scotland where distilling is a way of life is presented here.


Kosta Boda Art Hotel

A destination hotel famous with a name famous in the whole of Sweden for it's glass, and now for it's gin. The glass factory has been around since 1742, the gin however was released just this February.

Untitled design-9.png

Renbjer Fine Spirits AB

A tasty mixed bag at this stand with 5 distilleries. Lydén, Gunroom, Hayman's, Amazonian and Copenhagen Destillery.

Untitled design-11.png


A family owned business from Malmö, in the south of Sweden, with over 130 years of spirit producktion exhibit with their gin alongside Britvic tonics. 


Flintling Beverages AB

Thornæs from Denmark bring their Mad Owl dry and flavoured gins for you to try on World Gin Day.

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Cheers Wines AB

At this stand you can try Cyrus Saffron Gin which is crafted in small batches in the Gin-City of the World; Schiedam – HollandIn.

Logos Exhibitors-6.png

Bergslagens Destilleri

Famliy owned destillery from the heart of from Örebro, Sweden, comes a varitey of Lihnells gin, everything from traddional to tropical.


Moestue & Cask AB

Gibson's Gin with their tradiional style London Dry expression will be exhibited here along with Swedish Tonic.

Logos Exhibitors-11.png

Altitude Gin

Taste the meet the pinnacle of mountain gins. A unique combination of botanicals that capture the experiences, and sensationsof the mountains. From the Alps to Stockholm comes Altitude Alpine Dry Gin.

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Dala Destilleri

From the heartland of Sweden, a small-scale distillery that produces spirits from self-produced potatoes and grain.


Svenska Bränneribolaget

Since 2020, in Tornby, Linköping, this group of 6 friends has been producing snaps and now gin, inspired by the Östgötaslätten, a highly cultivated plain that runs through the heart of the area.

More to be announced soon! ...

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